I asked Janika a fews weeks ago if she could talk to my horse Ayla. Janika was so kind to accept it and it was really important for me!  Ayla and I crossed into each other five years ago, I knew we had to share a part of our life together. I had to move […]


Janika is just amazing, she knew nothing about me and my horse, but she told me so many things about us, she was incredible! I’m very thankful to her for finding out important things about my horse! She takes time to talk to you and to give you detailed feedback and many advices. I highly […]


After Janikas Session with my boy Coruba, I felt truly more connected with him. It was so accurate and true! I always gave him big rubs after a ride but he never seemed to enjoy it as much as other horses normally would. So when he told Janika, he wanted soft, gentle massages like the […]


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