Animal Communication

I asked Janika a fews weeks ago if she could talk to my horse Ayla. Janika was so kind to accept it and it was really important for me! 

Ayla and I crossed into each other five years ago, I knew we had to share a part of our life together. I had to move away from my country 2 years ago and I started traveling. My only concern at the time was: What am I going to do with Ayla? Is she going to be fine by herself? 

I found a lovely girl, Morgane, to look after her for the time I’m away. To me my horse is everything, she’s a diamond and it’s always a worry when I’m not there to make sure she is ok! I felt really guilty to let her behind and heartbroken! Life went on and my traveling is not ending yet – so I had to make a choice about Ayla. I needed to know how she was feeling, what she wanted for the future, if she was happy with her new life.

The message I got from Janika was so intense but so true. And I really know how beautiful Ayla is, so wise. It was hard for me to hear what she had to say but really helpful. 

Janika’s got amazing abilities I couldn’t thank her enough for it. Without many informations, when I listented to her voice message it was like I was talking straight to my horse! I could really feel her. Anyways I’m gonna keep talking for ever… let me just end with saying Janika is the best person to help you out, you can trust her, she is amazing! Thanks again Janika.

Laura M. with Ayla
/ Horse
Liebe Janika, ich danke Dir so sehr für dein Sein. Unsere EmotionFlow Session ist jetzt ca. 1,5 Wochen her und ich spüre so viel positive...
Johanna B.
Unsere Stute Carlotta war gerade mal eine Woche bei uns, da bekam sie eine Kolik. Was genau der Auslöser dafür war, weiß niemand so genau....
Teresa W. mit Carlotta
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Der Aufbaukurs war für mich eine neue und ganz wunderbare Erfahrung. Ich war wesentlich entspannter als noch beim Einstiegskurs und hatte daher das Gefühl noch...
Charlotte W.
/ Aufbaukurs für Erwachsene
Der Emotionflow ist etwas, was mich sofort angezogen hat. Es hat sich sehr stimmig angefühlt. Das was dabei raus kam, verwunderte mich nicht, sondern bestätigte...
Kristin J. mit Tara
/ Pferd
Liebe Janika,  nachdem nun deine wunderbare Krafttierreise für mich etwas sacken und auch wirken konnte, versuche ich das mal in Worte zu fassen. Erstmal und...
Anne H.
/ Krafttierreise